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Glooko’s New Diabetes Management System FDA Cleared

Glooko (Palo Alto, CA) received FDA clearance for its latest Glooko System, a diabetes management package that includes the Glooko iPhone application, MeterSync Cable and online access for patients and healthcare providers.

The new iPhone app provides the ability for detailed tracking of taken drugs and consumed food, including easy entry using nutritional data compiled from popular restaurants. The MeterSync Cable is used to connect any one of 19 different glucometers to the iPhone to transfer glucose readings for charting and review by clinicians.

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LifeScan Receives FDA Clearance for OneTouch VerioSync Bluetooth Blood Glucose Meter

LifeScan won FDA clearance for its OneTouch VerioSync Blood Glucose Monitoring System. Several iPhone connected blood glucose meters have been released over the last few years, but the VerioSync is the first glucometer to automatically send blood glucose results wirelessly via Bluetooth technology to an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

On the iOS device, the accompanying OneTouch Reveal app captures the blood glucose readings and allows users to view and share results. In addition, it features a 14-day summary of blood sugar test results, simple visuals showing the percentage of test results within target range and provides email or text-based sharing.

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Tandem t:connect Software for t:slim Insulin Pumps FDA Approved

Tandem Diabetes Care (San Diego, CA) received FDA clearance for the company’s new t:connect software. The application, that runs on both PC’s and Macs, helps analyze data from the company’s t:slim insulin pump and compatible glucometers.

The software provides charts, historical patterns, and other important information that can be easily shared through email or by printing out to take with you to the doc.

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FDA Approves Insulet’s New OmniPod Diabetes Management System

Insulet Corporation (Bedford, MA) has announced FDA approval of the new version of its OmniPod insulin delivery system. The system comprises an insulin pump, which has been made 34% smaller and 25% lighter over its predecessor, and a Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) glucometer that communicates wirelessly with the pump, and now calculates the insulin on board (IOB). The communication between the devices has been improved to allow them to talk over a distance of up to five feet (1.5 meters).

The pump contains the same 200-unit insulin reservoir as the original and can be worn continuously for up to three days. For added safety, the pump now features a pink indicator on its top to indicate that the cannula has been deployed.

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Glooko FDA Cleared to Market Its Diabetes Management Products

Glooko, Inc. of Palo Alto, CA was given clearance for its line of over-the-counter glucose management products that aim to simplify tracking of glucometer readings, food intake, and other relevant parameters.

The MeterSync Cable is used to connect any of 15 compatible glucometers to an iOS device for syncing readings with the Logbook and Logbook Charts apps.

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An Asthma Sensor…from AT&T? (Interview)

Almost every week we discuss a young start-up, x, developing a new sensor, y, for health application, z.  Most of these companies range from early to very early stage, which is why we were surprised to hear at this week’s mHealth Summit that wireless communications behemoth AT&T is developing an asthma sensor. It is one such initiative under an umbrella that they call AT&T ForHealth. We spoke with Bob Miller, a researcher at AT&T Labs who is familiar with the asthma project.

Shiv Gaglani, Medgadget: Why did AT&T decide to create an asthma sensor? Why not just partner with a company doing this?

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Salivary Glucose Detector Offers Novel Noninvasive Diabetes Management

Over 80 million Americans and 300 million individuals worldwide are estimated to have diabetes or prediabetes. Already an epidemic, this number is expected to double by 2030 according to the CDC, Many of diabetes’ serious complications, including heart disease, stroke, and vision loss, can be prevented with early detection and proper glucose control. However, blood glucose monitoring by conventional glucometers is an uncomfortable procedure for patients. Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics may need to measure their blood glucose levels many times a day using lancets to finger prick and draw blood. The pain caused by this procedure has been linked to noncompliance with blood sugar measurement. Therefore, it is of crucial importance to find new pain-free techniques for the measurement of blood glucose levels.

With this in mind, scientists at the Center of Excellence in Electrochemistry (CEE) at University of Tehran, and researchers of the Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Institute of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, in a joint project, have successfully constructed and tested a prototype of a device for measuring glucose levels in saliva.

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Medtronic Sentrino, Glucose Monitoring for ICUs, Coming to Europe

Medtronic received European clearance for the Sentrino, a minimally invasive continuous glucometer for critical care units that are looking to provide high glycemic control.

The system displays the latest reading as well as a historic curve, triggering alarms when certain values are reached. Medtronic believes that the system’s ability to predict glucose levels will help clinicians intervene preemptively and reduce dangerous hypoglycemic events. The Sentrino is currently an investigational device in the U.S. and is not available for sale.

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Philosys Gmate SMART Glucose Meter for Smartphones

Philosys, a company based in New York City, received European CE Mark approval for its Gmate SMART glucose meter, an iPhone/iPad attachment that is the world’s smallest glucometer.  The meter uses the iOS device via the headset jack as the interface to display results and track readings.  It would seem that the same glucometer should also be compatible with other smartphones as long as an appropriate app is developed.

Philosys is currently looking to partner with cell phone firms to help distribute the Gmate SMART and hopes to have it’s device available to European customers by the end of the year.

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